If weather conditions change abruptly, as at the 2011 edition of Pukkelpop, this technology enables relevant safety instructions to be relayed to festival visitors instantly. Stef Van Looveren and Kai De Sutter, two young Belgian entrepreneurs identified this demand as a unique opportunity and developed a new mobile app platform with an emergency module for festivals: Showbase 2.0.

Showbase 2.0 enables festival organisations to develop a mobile application for smartphones completely tailored to and in the style of their own festival. The organisation can independently select the modules to be activated and the information to be made available to the visitors. Not only that, the app collects all manner of useful data during the festival in real-time, making it a valuable source of information for the festival organisation.

The app also contributes to user experience by offering a wealth of information on the artists and timetables, in real-time and up-to-date. Visitors can also use the app to provide the organisation with feedback or even to rate the artists and the festival facilities.

The app also contains an emergency module to enhance safety at festivals. This module enables the festival organisation to send push notifications to everyone present on the festival grounds to instantly alert them to the situation and communicate clear instructions. In the event of an emergency situation the app will also provide the festival organisation with useful data with regard to the visitors’ various locations. The emergency module will enhance visitor perception with regard to safety and enable the emergency services to operate more efficiently.

Festival visitors can download the app at Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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Showbase has far-reaching ambitions! Showbase 2.0 is available in multiple languages and, being a genuine cloud-based solution, can be used without the interference of any third parties. With a wide range of functionalities (new features are constantly being added) and instant availability for use, Showbase 2.0 is targeting the international festival and events market and will be launching a campaign today in more than 16 countries. Showbase 2.0 is primarily geared towards the music festival industry, but also offers solutions for sports events and seminars or conferences.

Belgian festivals that have chosen to use Showbase 2.0 include ‘De Lokerse Feesten’, ‘Groezrock’, ‘Reggae Geel’, ‘Brussels Jazz Marathon’ and the ‘Antwerp 10 miles’!

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