Showbase presents: the app analytics dashboard

Measuring the R.O.I. of your event app is an important aspect of your marketing strategy. Showbase is proud to present the analytics dashboard you have always dreamed of. 

The basics: downloads and sessions

Surprisingly, there aren't many ways to measure the downloads of your app. The app stores provide download data, but mostly this is not real-time data. In Showbase, we provide download data in real-time. This is important to measure marketing activities, such as a newsletter or a facebook post.

We provide the following download and session data:

  • Amount of downloads per platform
  • Plotting of downloads per month, week or day
  • Languages of users
  • Amount of sessions
  • Average session time

Going pro: page and module visits statistics

It gets even more exciting. On our analytics dashboard it is possible to view real-time the amount of visits of a page or module. What was the most popular module? Which page did our attendees open the most? This can be really interesting and strategic data.

Social media?

One of the things marketers and event organizers ask us the most is whether it is possible to track the amount of social media shares the app generated. Well, we cover that. With this insight you can measure the amount of buzz and visibility that was created for your event. 

We track:

  • Amount of shares
  • Amount of shares on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook
  • Amount of shares per platform

That's not all

There are other things we track too. We'll hold those things for our customers to figure out.

Why hesitate? With Showbase you can publish your app in no time.

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