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Showbase is a modular platform. Discover our modules.

The interactive communication and emergency tool

Apps built with Showbase are a great way to get interactive with your audience. Some examples:

  • Send push messages (f.e. in case of emergency, important notices or for advertising purposes)
  • Let your users fill in a nice quiz about your event
  • Upload your own photo overlays to our 'Selfie-module'. Fun and visibility of your event on social media guaranteed.
  • Add hotspots to your map, so people can use their smartphones to navigate to the spot.

A modular platform

Depending on your account you have access to several modules which you can activate in your app. 


This module is available for every account. The springboard is what you see when opening your app. All the icons are connected with our cloud platform. This means you can enable, change, sort or remove every icon anytime. This makes it possible to communicate whatever you want, whenever you want. 

Upload your own icons, or choose icons from the Showbase library.

But there is more: it is possible to enable or disable the counter on your springboard and change it to an image or an image with a link. Even your logo and colors are customizable when your app is in App Stores!

Mobile event app practical information


With the practical module you can built your own list. In most cases this is used to add practical information to your app. 

You can use the Showbase icon library to add nice icons to your list. 

Hot spots

The hot spots show points of interest at the festival. You can then put the spotlight on certain places or show a sponsored stand in the foreground. Visitors can choose to show the hot spots as a sort of check-list. Some examples: “Food stands for vegetarians”, “Main stage”, ...

New! In Showbase 2.0 it is possible to divide your hotspots into categories and to add your own hotspots to the list (f.e. My car, My tent, ...). If you add coördinates to the hotspots, visitors will also see how far the hotspot is from their location.

New! In Showbase 2.0 it is possible to show your hotspots on the interactive map(s).


With the Quiz’n’Win module you can also considerably increase the number of app downloads before the start of the event. You can, for example, announce that prizes, tickets, etc. can be won if someone takes part, with the number of downloads shooting up.

Users can even leave their email address and mention if they want to be informed of updates, being a great boost for the festival mailing list. Email addresses can be consulted in the backend of the CMS. You can easily update or add a new quiz anytime.

Selfie module

The take-a-pic module is Showbase’s highlight. Here the user can take a photo with an overlay put together by the festival. 

The benefit of take-a-pic is the viral effect. Making amusing, funny or cool overlays makes people likely to share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by email. This makes the Take-a-pic module ideal for drawing attention to the festival on social media.

The Selfies are individually saved so the user can go back and look at his or her pics again. There is also a public stream that can be seen by everyone. The user can choose whether or not his or her pictures may be shown in the public stream.

The festival organiser can view and download all entries with the back-end in the CMS. Also, there is a widget available to add to your own website.

Some examples of overlays: the “Festival X selfie”, “My Festival X moment”, “Greetings from Festival X”, etc. 

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